Thursday, March 13, 2014

Push Button Millionaire: A SCAM for a Forex Trader

Push Button Millionaire

Just a quick one guys. Came across this product called Push Button Millionaire in my inbox and thought id take a look and see what it was about. It is definately not all it appears to be. Check the video and see what you think.


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Google Redirection Virus Removal Instructions

Google Redirection Virus

The Review

The Google Redirection Virus has been around for a while now and is probably one of the more annoying viruses. The Google Redirection Virus can plant itself in all manor of places including the all important registry.

Its quite easy to spot that you have the virus as every time you click on a link from a Google search page it will redirect you off to something else completely random and half the time some of the material is questionable.

There is a lengthy process that you can go through to remove the virus as you can see in the above video but it can take some time and you need a certain level of technical no how to make this happen.

Probably the best way is to use one of the automatic removal tools. There are allot on the market that claim they can do it and cant I have seen most of them. Please have a look at my recommendation.