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One of the most powerful methods you can utilise to make online money is something called affiliate marketing

This is an ideal way of marketing and is utilised by some very big banking firms such as capital one and food and drink manufacturers such as Coca Cola.

The idea is simple, you have absolutely no stock or your own product that you have to sell or shift and you direct people to an "affiliate link". If people buy the product through your link address you can get commission ranging anything up to 70% and beyond. As you can imagine you can potentially make a great deal of money indeed.

The best method is to create your own website centred around the product you are trying to promote and then market that website to ensure it reaches the top of google. Simple!.

Well the website part is simple but the website promotion side can be a little more involved especially when you are talking about keyword selection and competition analysis. All called SEO or Search Engine Optimisation.

Examples of Affiliate Websites

Pregnancy Miracle (A site to market a holistic cure for infertility)
Coeliacs Disease (A site to market a food guide for sufferers of Coeliacs Disease)
Google Sniper (A site to market a course on creating Affiliate Marketing sites)

Please take a look at the Google Sniper site as this is probably a great way to begin with online marketing. It teaches you the process of creating simple websites centred around a given affiliate product and how to market them properly.

That's all on this subject. Have a look through my other pages for other affiliate and online marketing news.

Affiliate Websites

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